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What is a Terrace Garden? | Terrace Garden Ideas for Beginners | 6 Steps

Looking forward to making your own garden but don’t have a perfect space? Well, have you ever thought of a terrace garden? It is a great way to grow some plants and vegetables with little effort. Moreover, it also makes a great place in your home to have refreshments. Keep reading to know about how to build a terrace garden in your home easily.

What is a Terrace Garden? 

A terrace garden, also known as a rooftop garden is a garden on the roof or patio in a house with limited space. Mostly seen in the town areas. Alternatively, a terraced garden can be built in a series of raised beds along a hillside. Gardens on terraces can be ornamental or functional, and they are often planted in containers to make them easier to maintain.

Is Terrace Garden Safe?

You might have a question in your mind, does roof gardening affect the building? Well, usually it’s totally safe. But having a discussion with your building engineer is always a safety step. And yes, water leakage can be a little problem if you don’t properly design your terrace garden with a safe water supply.

How Much it Costs to Terrace a Garden

It depends and none can tell you an exact amount. But usually, a basic terrace garden of 30×40 feet may cost 300 to 500$. You can have a clear idea about your cost if you make a list of what you are gonna include in your terrace garden.

How to Make a Terrace Garden?

You can follow these steps to make your own terrace garden. We will elaborately write on each step for a clear idea.


6 Steps To Make Your Terrace Garden

  1. Make a clear plan (or a list of what you may need)
  2. Design the layout of your Terrace Garden on a paper
  3. Prepare the area for the garden on the terrace
  4. Discuss this matter with your building engineer
  5. Select the best plants for your terrace garden
  6. Take proper care of your garden on a daily basis
  • Make a Clear Plan for the Terrace Garden

Starting something new may require many more things than you have ever imagined. So it’s a great idea to start with a clear plan. You can have ideas from someone who already made his/her terrace garden. Or you can read blog posts and watch videos. Then make a list of what you may need.

  • Design the Layout of Your Terrace Garden

Making a clear image of your garden will make your work a lot easier. You will not need to run here and there to decide where to keep each container and plant. Furthermore, you should choose a layout that is conducive to the plants you select, because some plants do not need as much light and wind. 

  • Prepare the Area for Your Garden on the Terrace

You have two options to make your terrace garden, one is the entire surface will be covered with soil or you can use ornamental containers and grow plants in them. A garden on the terrace requires more water supply, make sure you make your floor almost waterproof so that no accidents happen. 

  • Discuss this Matter with Your Building Engineer

Your engineer can ensure whether your terrace can take the load of your garden or not. For your safety, you should discuss it with a professional. You can build your terrace garden with various materials such as rocks, bricks, and concrete blocks. But wood is a great choice!

  • Select the Best Plants for Your Terrace Garden

Start with easy-to-maintain plants. Your greens selection can be diversified once you master growing them. Having terrace garden ideas for beginners will help you master them. For example, you can grow coriander, chili, and mint which are super fast-growing plants that they grow on their own. You can plant some creepers, and trees for ornamental purposes.

  • Take Proper Care of Your Garden on a Daily Basis

Taking care of your terrace garden includes watering the plants regularly and frequently. At least daily twice in summer, and once in winter. You may also need to fertilize and spray pesticides for fast and healthy growth. You can simply use your kitchen waste (tea, banana skin), cow dung, etc. Spending a few hours in your terrace garden will make it look amazing and you will have a refreshed mind too.

Which Plant is Best for a Terrace Garden?

Unlike indoor plants, terrace garden plants require resilience! Since there is a lot of direct sunlight exposure, it is important to select plants that do not wilt or dry up even after hours of sun exposure. There are a number of hardy plants and flowers you can plant on your terrace or rooftop, including areca palm, Arabian jasmine, sunflower, mint, coriander, aloe vera, marigold, lavender, rose of Sharon, or any other heat-tolerant tall plants.

Types of Terrace Gardening

Usually, there are two types of terrace gardening. One is the rooftop garden and the other is a terraced garden that is built in a series of raised beds along a hillside. 

Thanks a lot for being with us till the end of our blog. Another blog on terrace gardening will be published soon describing its advantages and disadvantages. 

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